Why Should You Consider Counseling?

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We live in a society that tells us if we work hard enough, then our mental health will take care of itself. Because of this impossible expectation, we can get frustrated or overwhelmed when we don’t feel better.


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The mid portion of our brain is called the Limbic System. This is the part that initiates the “fight, flight, freeze” response to danger. It performs a very fast, subconscious evaluation and initiates a quick response that’s designed to keep us safe. It bypasses our neocortex where we could rationally process our reaction if we had more time.

Because of this bypass, sometimes the limbic system gets the cues wrong—when there is no actual danger- but the body is thrown into an automatic response anyway, a hijacking! From chronic low-grade anxiety or full-blown panic attacks, to feeling down or having major depression. This can also include repeating addictive behaviors, like using drugs or alcohol, that we are otherwise trying to eliminate. Over time this creates powerful dysfunctional neural pathways that are hard to recognize or break free from. A maladaptive limbic system may be the key to why our mental health can be so difficult to improve.

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Somatic Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Somatic psychotherapy works in the Limbic portion of the brain. This is where our “Fight, Flight, Freeze” response is initiated. It helps to “re-wire” these patterns or neural pathways that can cause us sadness, pain, and suffering. This is deeper therapy than traditional “Talk Therapy”.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, KAP

Ketamine can interfere with the part of our brain that is creating distress. When dysfunctional neural pathways are shutdown we are free to experience what if feels like to be safe, comfortable, at ease, even hopeful. With the help of ketamine, an environment is created in our brain that nourishes the creation of more helpful neural pathways. We can actually begin to “rewire” our brains towards wellness.


I believe it is important to collaborate with everyone that is involved in your overall health. This includes family, significant relationships, other therapists, physicians, or anyone else you want involved, with your permission. 

I combine a blend of traditional psychotherapy techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT,  with the latest research in neuropsychology. These techniques are evidence based. I have experienced them in my own personal counseling and psychotherapy. Somatic therapy and ketamine therapy are tools that have improved my own mental health.


I’m committed to helping you feel better. It’s my specialty and I enjoy doing it. My work is cutting edge and includes more than talk therapy. We are discovering better ways to use traditional therapy, and new therapies.

 I’m one of the few psychotherapists in the area with additional training in Somatic Psychotherapy. I’m the only Ketamine Psychotherapy Associate on the Western Slope of Colorado. These evidence based approaches may help you achieve faster, durable results. This is because they work in a deeper level of the brain and help change the patterns that keep us unhappy.

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Traditional talk therapy has the hardest time treating long standing issues.

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Good news! You can get back to enjoying life, having pleasant interactions in your relationships, and find a sense of peace.

You and I will develop strategies to meet the world as it is, with more calm, more happiness, and satisfaction.

Together we can make change happen.


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