I work in collaboration with psychotherapists, nurse practitioners, and physicians.

With the clients’ permission, we share intake assessments, treatment suggestions, progress reports, continuing assessments, and any concerns. Clear ongoing communication is key in these relationships.


Are you curious about how we could work together? I see clients from other therapists for limited ketamine assisted psychotherapy. I take referrals and refer to medical practitioners in the Valley. If you want to know more about how we can work together to help our clients and patients I would be happy to share my resources.

Referral From Other Psychotherapists

For your clients that are not progressing. I accept referrals for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. This is for limited 6-10 KAP sessions with your clients returning to your practice afterward. Treatment resistant clients, those struggling with non-ideal EMDR results, OCD, post addiction, and persistent suicidality are some of my referrals.

Referrals To And From Physicians and NP's

Thirty percent of patients prescribed anti depressants will not respond to the medication. Seventy percent of these treatment resistant patients will benefit from somatic psychotherapy combined with ketamine assisted psychotherapy. It has been proven safe. There are few contraindications to ketamine. It’s a schedule III drug that can be called in to the pharmacy. 

Consultations With Pharmacies

I am familiar with various formulation techniques involving ketamine. From oral troches, oral rapid dissolve tablets (RDT’s), nasal sprays, to topical creams. 

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