I’m Kristi Nicholls


Ketamine Psychotherapy Associate



You’ve Tried Everything.


But Sometimes Life Can Feel Relentless.


              It’s Hard To Know              What to Do


Let Me Help


It's Time

Imagine Looking Forward To Each Day. Imagine Being Happy.

You deserve this. I can help you make these powerful changes.

Online or In Person

I see clients in my Office in Carbondale, Online, and limited Home sessions.

All appointments using recommended safety guidelines.

How Can Working With Kristi Help?

I understand. I remember when life felt beyond my control.

I was trying everything I could.


How could someone who didn’t know me, know how to help me?

With my experience you’re in good hands.

I can help you figure this out.

I specialize in helping people make powerful, lasting changes.

I use the most current, evidence based approaches.

We’ll start off with tools you can use at the first visit.

You can start moving towards the life you imagine.

How Do We Start?

We will connect either by phone or email

We will meet online or in person for 20 minutes

After our meeting we will decide if we can work together and to answer your questions

We will schedule the initial hour and a half appointment

Sessions after that will be scheduled accordingly

We will continue to evaluate how our time together is going


Stress Anxiety




Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, KAP

Ketamine is an ideal tool to aid in the therapeutic process


I work in collaboration with those supporting you including other healthcare providers

About Me

I earn a living talking and working with people about the most important things in their life. It’s a pretty rewarding job and I’m honored to do it. I believe in the power of the counselor/ client relationship, and I want you to have access to it.


I’m results driven and passionate about the clients I work with. I feel a deep responsibility to help them achieve what they came to me for. I love knowledge and seek out answers to their problems.


My own experience with counseling has ingrained in me the importance for all of us to have an effective, informed, and compassionate Counselor. Just like having an outstanding Physician and Dentist.

Find Your Happiness. Take A Risk.

Try Counseling.

I’m one of the few psychotherapists in the area with additional training in Somatic Psychotherapy.

I’m the only Ketamine Psychotherapy Associate on the Western Slope of Colorado.

These evidence based approaches may help you achieve faster, durable results. This is because they work in a deeper level of the brain and help change the patterns that keep us unhappy.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. It’s Easy To Get Started Right Now.